French Wine for a Flat Belly Review- Flat Belly Revolution. Does It Really Work?

This Flat Belly Revolution-French Wine for a Flat belly Review will give you a comprehensive overview of this product and its claims.

Having lived and worked in Europe for more than thirty years, I can attest you rarely see an overweight French person. They are normally petite and healthy. Why is this? Is it because it is normal to start drinking wine from an early age? So many families encourage children to have a glass of red wine with their food. In most countries giving alcohol to a minor is illegal and frowned upon but not in the great country of France.

So let us take a close look at the phenomenon, how red wines can give you a flat belly. Can we all achieve a flat belly by consuming our favorite tipple? On the other hand, is this just nonsense generated by the red wine industry to increase sales and lull us all into a false sense of security? After all, we know that excess alcohol consumption is dangerous for our health.

It is well documented that red wine has many benefits if consumed in moderation but from experience you traditionally drink red wine with food, may be a cheese board or French bread stacked with calories.

French Wine for a Flat Belly. Will it Be Compatible with My Body?

Let me start by stating the obvious, if you are an alcoholic or struggle with alcohol consumption then this is not the diet for you. Red wine contains alcohol, and if consumed in excess will damage your liver and kidneys, red wine will raise your blood pressure so beware it may be not for you.

The author is Thomas Newman an ex military veteran and personal trainer specializing in weight loss. He concluded the natural ingredients found in red wine specifically French red wine and combined with vegetables would cause weight loss.

I think this a reasonable assumption and as previously said it is rare to find a portly French person. Thomas Newman states that if you reduce your calorie intake your body automatically refers its status of starvation mode. This is a well-documented theory and it can be substantiated by science.

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How Does the Diet Work?

Thomas Newman identified that the Polyphenols found in French red wine will detoxify your body, Polyphenols will lower your blood sugar and activate your body’s fat burning metabolism.

Thomas     Newman claims that Polyphenols will transform dangerous white fat into brown fat which your body can easily metabolize. He claims that red wine combined with vegetables will have the result of losing several pounds every week.

Here is what I know about French people, they do not to bulk up their food with potatoes and rice, the French climate is temperate and allows for many vegetables and fruits to grow through spring and autumn, not to mention the selection of French wines.

Supermarkets in France are stacked with fresh produce and the most fantastic chesses and meat selections. Is your supermarket the same? is this a diet you could maintain throughout the year? If yes then this diet good be what you have been looking for.

I have considered all aspect in this Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly Review enabling you to have the best information for you to make an informed choice and decide if this diet is meant for you.

Drinking red wine sounds great, but understand you will be on a calorie-controlled diet that will work. With the benefits stated by Thomas Newman of drinking the specified red wine, you should experience weight loss and an increase in a sense of well being


  • Most people enjoy a glass of red wine
  • Developed and authored by an experienced trainer
  • Specialist in fat reduction
  • Boosts your metabolism to burn fat
  • Polyphenols enhance detoxification of your body
  • Vegetable centered for maximum weight loss
  • Lose several pounds every week
  • Corrects the bacteria in your stomach for easy weight loss
  • No side affects
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Selection of red wine may not be available in your supermarket
  • Seasonal vegetables could be difficult to purchase depending on your location
  • If you have a problem with alcohol do not consider
  • If you take medication do not consider

French Wine for a Flat Belly- Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly through  it has a price tag of $37. All major credits cards are welcome and payments through clickbank. You will have a 60-day money back guarantee.


This is a difficult one. Should I recommend or not? Although this Flat Belly Revolution – French Wine for a Flat Belly Review is comprehensive there are a lot of negative press statements. It is alleged the author does not exist the origin of the marketing company is alleged to be associated with a company behind many online scams.

This is what I know. Red wine is good for you in moderation; the diet promotes eating healthy with a vegetable centric diet plan supplemented with the health benefits of drinking red wine. The health benefits of red wine are well known and not to be ignored.

Where is the scam? I do not see one, if you purchase you will receive the information you wanted enabling you to start a healthy eating plan while enjoying the benefits of a glass or two of red wine. If you live in the a location where you can purchase good red wine and the seasonable fresh vegetables needed for the diet then I would certainly entertain this diet while I enjoy the red wine.

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