PureFlix Review: The New and Improved Way to Chill at home. Is it worth the money?

I have read different Pure Flix reviews yet none of which seems too discuss exactly what Pure Flix is. So here you go! I created my very own Pure Flix Review.

What is Pure Flix?

Pure Flix provides you movies and shows that are family oriented. It is named as Pure Flix since each flix is pure (pun intended). It does not include any violent scene, no nudity or anything that is not child friendly.

It also pulls us away from the usual Hollywood movies and shows wherein even the kids curse and are exposed to violence.

Basically, Pure Flix is a well known internet based streaming service that provides tons of Christian and wholesome movies and TV shows. It is highly recommended to the entire family, young and old, as they also offer a kid section.

The creators of Pure Flix have its own studio where the shows and movies are taken and produced. One great example of a movie created by Pure Flix is The Sampson movie.

Their own studio is related to Universal Studio, another movie company that produces entertaining movies that are mostly wholesome and family oriented. Pure Flix also provides educational films as well as documentaries, inspirational films and soaps.

Some users even call Pure Flix as the Christian Netflix since most of the movies and shows created are considered indies but more wholesome.

Who created Pure Flix?

Pure Flix or Pure Flix Digital is a Scottsdale based Christian film production company that was first founded in 2003. Its founders are David A.R White and Russell Wolfe. It is part of the Pure Flix Entertainment LLC, a well known leader in Christian movie and faith-based entertainment.

Primarily their goal is to influence the world with Christianity with the use of modern technology. So far, Pure Flix has more than 2,500 movies and shows that can be watched thru your computers, laptops, tablets and even your mobile phone!

What’s in it for me: The Advantages 

If you are a family person, if you have kids, and if you are a Christian by heart (not just by religion), you will find Pure Flix a breath of fresh air. Below also enumerates the benefits of Pure Flix.

  • Wholesome movies and films
  • Can be your family’s bonding. Everyone can sit down and watch the shows on Pure Flix without the fear of encountering profanity, nudity and the likes
  • Builds your Christianity even more
  • Thousands of choices available!
  • Cheap!!!! You can access Pure Flix with only $7.99 a month. Much cheaper than your premium channels.
  • It is offered for free for 1 month. So why not give it a shot?


This is gonna be tough. I personally can’t think of any cons on subscribing to Pure Flix. Well, the only thing I can think of is…. You enjoy the bad stuff so much! LoL

Customer Testimonials

These are some of the testimonies of the customers as seen on Amazon.

“I subscribed to this service for months now. I am using an Amazon Fire TV and the experience is really great! All of the movies and shows are suitable for the entire family. Best wholesome programming.” – C. Weiss

“I hope it does not change and be more like Netflix. Pure Flix has a family oriented shows, and does not push the liberal agenda in a smooth way on my kids. After we watched some of the politically correct kid programs on Netflix, I decided to switch. Well, yes. My entire family had to adjust but since it offers a positive content, my family later on loved it. If you really intend your kids to develop a good morale and see wholesome programs that are related to Christianity, Pure Flix is the one for you.” – Alive Again

“Pure Flix is a wonderful family oriented super clean alternative to Netflix. You have a variety of channel selections. You may have Classic channels with old movies, kids shows and clean series! The price is really reasonable too. I am not paid to write a positive Pure Flix Review, I simply love Pure Flix. Plus, they allow you to try their service for free for a month which is really amazing.” – Timothy Pritchard

“I am very much happy that someone came up with a Christian based network. Pure Flix has its flaws since it is just new but I am pretty positive that they will straighten it out. I am enjoying Pure Flix. They don’t just have amazing movies, but rather they also offer teaching options. I love Pure Flix and they really deserve a 5 star from me. Thumbs up!” – Minister Streater

Will everyone love Pure Flix?

Well, of course not. We all have our own piece of cake and not all of us would love to watch wholesome films.

But Pure Flix offers a lot of streaming options and teaches different languages as well as History and Culture. They do have some PG 13 movies with a little bit of adult content.

You just have to ensure that you have at least 20mbps to enjoy Pure Flix. The higher your speed is, the more that you will enjoy the movies and shows.

There may be no live streaming and no recording option but you can download the shows and movies and watch them offline.

You may also connect your computer to different smart and HDTV with the use of an HDMI cable. It is simple! You can look the how tos on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

As a mom of three, I am very much happy that Pure Flix came in. If you are a parent like me, you will certainly would want your kids to watch the movies and shows on this website.

It is also very cheap compared to other premium channels. You can have it for only $7.99 per month with 1 month of free access. So go ahead and try it now! You can cancel anytime you want with no termination fee.

Go ahead and visit their website at https://pureflix.com/ and start your free month now!