Stop The Ringing and Get Relief from Tinnitus – A Tinnitus 911 Review

Tinnitus affects people of all ages, whether it’s because of aging, supplements taken, or injury that causes hearing loss. It’s that annoying ringing, wheezing, or whistling noises that you can’t seem to get rid of. If you’re suffering from tinnitus and would like to find a cure, read on the Tinnitus 911 review below.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition where the patient experiences hearing ringing noises even though there is no physical noise present. It’s important to note that it’s not a disease but rather, a symptom that there is something wrong with your hearing system.

Getting to know Tinnitus 911

Tinnitus 911 is an all-natural supplement that Phytage Laboratories created for millions of people suffering from tinnitus. They claim that this works by adding ingredients to acts together with the body’s natural biochemical compounds, which makes the ears less sensitive and the ringing noises more tolerable. Since there is no ultimate cure for this condition, the creator of the Tinnitus 911 promises to eliminate all known symptoms of tinnitus through regular intake of the supplement.

How does it even work?

Tinnitus 911 claims they can kill two birds with one stone as the ingredients will target the tinnitus source and at the same time, increase brain function and improve overall mental health when taking this supplement.

It claims to heal hearing with a combination of Hawthorn Berry and Hibiscus in the ingredients. Besides relieving patients with tinnitus symptoms, Hibiscus also helps with panic attacks and improving the overall health of the nervous system. The olive leaf on the other hand, helps in getting rid of the ringing sounds in your ear and helps in making your brain healthier and stronger.

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Memory is also improved with the Tinnitus 911. Niacin, which is one of the ingredients used, helps in repairing brain cells that have been damaged over the years. With this active ingredient present, memory is stimulated and dementia prevented.

What are the active ingredients in Tinnitus 911?

One of the things Tinnitus 911 boasts about is that they don’t use chemicals or artificial ingredients in their product. Unlike other medications, Tinnitus 911 reviews online say there should be no side effects as all ingredients are supposedly natural.

  1. Uva Ursi. They are known to have diuretic properties which makes it beneficial for urinary track and kidney problems. Additional benefits you’ll get is it reduces inflammation and uric acid and at the same time, cures diarrhea.
  2. Green Tea Extracts. They are known to possess digestive, immunological and digestive properties.
  3. Vitamin C. It is known to be an excellent antioxidant and getting enough per day will help prevent diseases and at the same time, delays aging.
  4. Juniper Berries. These berries are known to be beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles in women, strengthening joints, increasing gastrointestinal and renal health, and improve rigor overall.
  5. Olive leaves. Besides the role previously mentioned, this ingredient helps in reducing risk of cancer and lowering blood pressure. They are also known to help in treating diabetes and arthritis
  6. It is an ingredient that helps improve the body’s immune system and ability to absorb nutrients.
  7. B-Complex. The combination of all B vitamins helps in fighting fatigue and improving the health of the body’s nervous system. Digestion is also improved and found to be beneficial to pregnant women.

How does it help get rid of Tinnitus?

If you’re wondering how the Tinnitus 911 works as a supplement, well, you’re in luck:

Step 1: Ringing sound is eliminated

After just a few days of taking Tinnitus 911, you will start to notice the ringing sound starting to go away. As the ingredients start to work on improving your overall hearing and brain health, the annoying whooshing and ringing noises will completely go away.

Step 2: Clearer and healthier mind

=As the sounds clear and go away, you’ll also notice how you’re starting to experience mental silence. You will finally get a clearer head without the annoying ringing sounds disrupting your thoughts.

Step 3: Memory is improved

As you achieve mental silence and without the ringing disruptions, you’ll notice how your memory is improving every day. Not only that, but the cognitive functions are also strengthened and improved.

What are the benefits you get with Tinnitus 911?

The ingredients used by Phytage Labs to create the Tinnitus 911 are all natural, so there is no risk of any harmful side effects. While there is still no known cure for this condition, this supplement is known to get rid of the symptoms by targeting the root cause of tinnitus.

Besides helping with tinnitus, Tinnitus 911 also helps in improving your overall mental health by encouraging brain cells revival, and protecting you from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you are not satisfied with Tinnitus 911 or don’t find it effective and working like you want it too, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee so there’s no need to worry about anything.

Are there any cons?

Even though some of the ingredients are all natural and one of them even being beneficial to pregnancy, Tinnitus 911 is not recommended for women who are pregnant. So if you’re pregnant and suffering from Tinnitus, you may want to consider other options.

Another disadvantage would be this product is only available online. There are no physical shops offering Tinnitus 911 so if you want to avail one, you’ll have to order on the internet.

Is Tinnitus 911 a scam?

There are mixed Tinnitus 911 reviews online. While there are testimonials confirming that it’s legit, there are also websites that confirm that this supplement is a scam and not worth your money.

Most of the photos used on the testimonials are stock photos and would you really trust a fake-looking testimonial? And there are no medical studies about finding a cure for tinnitus yet and even relieving the symptoms and making the ringing sounds disappear permanently is still yet to be discovered.


Even with the 90-day money back guarantee, if Tinnitus 911 really is a scam, getting your money back will be a hard battle to win. So if you think you’re suffering from tinnitus, it’s more advisable to see your doctor so they can diagnose what’s causing it. And doing so will give you the confidence that you’re on the right track in dealing with the condition and not risking your money for something that will definitely not work.

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